11 September 2004 A Saturday gaping hole in the first round, and then suddenly a fireball in the second.

11 September 2004 A Saturday gaping hole in the first round, and then suddenly a fireball in the second. The sudden silence of subway passengers in which I find myself to go to work. The sounds of sirens, jet fighters. New Yorkers walking faster than usual, the panic of the French high school students. And then the dust and debris that befell the city and especially the smell … Forgive me, but there are days when it harder to read the press as the memories they evoke are still present in me .. . Returning to the press review. Two articles in the Figaro interview signaler.Une F.Fillon which I extract the last sentences "I want to return to simple rules that give clear and rational objectives. I will not be the Minister of major inflammatory statements, theological discourse about whether "the child is in the heart of the system" hostage read methods always more "revolutionary" in classes where repetition is a la carte. .. I am finally carrying a single vision of education: knowledge is a sacred thing, the authority must no longer be a permanent conquest of teachers, school decision is ultimately the teacher who is the single captain of his ship. The authority is clear and objective corollary of student success. I will always be on the side of the masters. "There is also an article on the" Boarding Chavagnes "M6 broadcast Thursday night with a lot of success. This questions and concerns and deserves at least go and see one of the episodes to form an opinion. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 11/09/04 Asbestos snail Jussieu pay for university assignment
after eight years, the site of the Parisian university is still in midterm. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 11/09/04 SCHOOL: the past is recipe … Two episodes have aired on Thursday evening in prime time. But if you missed them, there are still three: one week for an experience that was held for a month in July, in the camera of a real boarding school, located in Chavagnes-en-Paillers, the heart of the Vendee. Twenty-four college students, 12 boys and 12 girls, all aged 14 to 16 years, from 2000 candidates to represent "all the regions of France, all social and all levels of education environments", have sacrificed half their vacation for an adventure of the third kind: try to get the certificate of studies from the 50s (that students then went to 11 years, at the end of CM2), after agreeing to endure the conditions prevailing in time: same curriculum, same teaching methods, same food, same dress, and especially … discipline. […] Whatever surely say modern pedagogues (soon they will be previews of outcomes for teachers ‘old’, and their potential impact on public opinion), the boarding M6 is indeed much less cruel and sadistic as the castle of TF1. Teens are not constantly judged and humiliated, or ejected from the show when their results are not up to par. Their teachers (all teachers in private real life) does not seek to the "break" physically or morally. They are really there to help them pick up the certificate of studies; and the least we can recognize is that they use it. […] The issue please. At all ages. Young people find it crazy, touching the grandparents and relatives exciting; she teaches them all about their children that "Big Brother" in a field that interests them much more: how they behave and work at school. What they also believe. The Internet forum of the show has already started to open a discussion among teens it; and you can bet that the results will be much more informative – including the question of authority – as many reports, always peremptory, laid thirty years by educators and sociologists about how best to educate them. Read more of the article Francois Fillon at the Grand Meaulnes school Minister of Education saw its first school year. Francois Fillon has the taste of as symbols chose on this occasion to visit the places where the writer Alain-Fournier was a student from 1891 to 1898. The school walls where the minister enters always carry the promise a handy wonderful, his classroom sounding adventure projects a fascinating character, Le Grand Meaulnes. […] What is your view on the methods and results of black hussars of the Third Republic? First, we must challenge to magnify the past. The hussars inspired confidence and they did not doubt their commitments. This form of panache and courage to lay the foundations of a modern society can be brought up to date … I think that today’s teachers keep the same faith in the performance of their duties. I challenge anyone to deny that they have real courage at the magnitude of the work ahead. I deliberately use the term "master" because I think the real question is now that of authority. We must restore the natural authority possessed by the masters of the past, this form of will, serious and gentle, that does not discuss. But why, in so little time, teachers have they lost this authority? The school is not responsible for the dilution of the benchmarks and the crisis of authority. Rather stigmatize the evolution of the company since the past twenty-five years. Challenging all forms of power and weakening our political system have undermined the respect due to teachers. Our school system may regain its authority, but the debate goes beyond the reform school. This is an overall return to republican values. The ideal of Jules Ferry remains not only a reference but it also deserves to be maintained and brought up to date. The ardor of hussars was not in vain because our school now receives all young French. But we need to find the original principles that national education has a simple mission: to educate and to ensure social promotion. In the last over these thirty years, the school has been responsible for many functions so that we eventually forget this essential mission. I am in favor of updating the republican ideal. Read more of the article Is it forbidden to forbid? Sociologist, researcher at the CNRS, specialist in education and youth, Fize bathed throughout his career in a culture left he has undertaken to assess the legacy. He became known to a wider audience, last year, for a book in which he challenged a taboo, namely co-education. […] This September, Fize gives us a book in which he examines the notion of forbidden. If his thinking fits against the libertarian spirit, especially through the example of the family, it exceeds the expected opposition too. Refusing binary logic, the author recalls that indeed legitimate prohibitions exist, but are others that deserve to be raised: thus, in our materialistic and mercantile society, those on the Beautiful, Good and True. The ban is not more absolute freedom: it’s all about respect and circumstances. Prohibited – Foundations of Freedom, Michel Fize Presses De La Renaissance 2004 Read the rest of the article ————————— —————- Humanity of 11/09/04 When sign language is to read more of the article menu ———- Le Parisien —————————————— 11/09/04 green light for fruit in vending More Article ———————————– ————- the Cross of Nothing seen … 11/09/04 ———————— ———————— 20 minutes from 11/09/04 No 20 minutes ——- weekend … —————————————— Le Monde 12-13 / 09/04 a collective manifesto demanding the right to wear the bandana class a high school girls wearing a bandana and members of the group a school for all-tes expressed, Friday, September 10, at the lycee Saint-Exupery Mantes la-Pretty (Yvelines). The demonstrators (fifty according to the rectory, 200 according to the collective) demanded the right to wear a bandana in class and affirmed their solidarity with the four veiled students maintained permanently room. Read more of the article Islamic Veil: beyond the sacred union One year after the start of work of the Stasi commission that would revive the French psychodrama on the scarf and justify the presidential choice in favor of a law, the landscape is unrecognizable. The Islamic veil threatening, legal exclusions of pupils to support, to be erected into a symbol of the conflict between the Republic and the Muslims, took the opposite direction. He had to wear a headscarf at school to bring the Republic to its contradictions, and that it removed to honor him. "I am a Muslim. But the Republic wonder this gesture, commented a high school Drancy before dragging her hair the first day of school. We are all French and we must respect the laws." Who would have imagined a few days before the kidnapping of the two French journalists, that this type of place, with accents of government propaganda, would serve as a leitmotif for this autumn? At the point that a week after the Ministry of Education counted a hundred "cases" scarf among the 12 million students, where we quoted last year the figure of 1 200. [. ..] Read more of the article Disappearance: Jacky Beillerot, practitioner training and education Professor Emeritus of education at the University of Paris X-Nanterre, Jacky Beillerot died Wednesday, September 1. He would have turned 65 on 6 September. Jacky Beillerot played a vital role in the community of educational sciences. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot to Saturday, September 11, 2004

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